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Frequently Answered Questions...

Q. What is Live Outfitters?

A. Live Outfitters is the world's first live selling show focused exclusively on the Outdoors. Our guests serve customers in the outdoor space including: hunting, camping, fishing, bushcraft, boating, overlanding, and more. Anything outdoors related.

Q. Why Live Selling?

A. Live selling has the unique ability to recreate the in-person shopping experience online. It provides a platform for real-time interaction between sellers and buyers, which builds trust and facilitates customer decision-making. The format is especially effective in demonstrating product usage and quality, adding a level of transparency that static product images, videos, and descriptions can't provide.
Here are 5 huge benefits of Live Selling:
  • Real-time Interaction: Live selling provides an interactive shopping experience. Sellers can respond directly to customer questions and concerns, providing immediate customer service.
  • ​Trust and Transparency: Live demonstrations of products can help to build trust with customers, as they can see exactly what they're purchasing. This transparency can help to alleviate concerns about product quality or functionality.
  • ​Increased Engagement: The interactive and often entertaining nature of live selling can increase customer engagement. This can lead to higher conversion rates compared to traditional online shopping (20%+ conversion vs. the typical 1-3%).
  • ​Product Education: Live selling offers a platform for sellers to educate customers about the details of their products, how to use them, and their benefits.
  • ​Urgency and Excitement: The live format often involves limited-time offers or limited stock, which can create a sense of urgency and excitement for customers, encouraging immediate purchases.

Q. How does it work?

A. Think about it like "QVC meets Bass Pro Shops" - without you ever having to be in front of the camera. Our hosts will demonstrate and show your products live to our audience and help you sell more products. Let's talk and figure out the best way to use our proven live selling blueprint to help you make more sales without you needing ads, SEO, tech skills, or to be on video (if you don't want to be).

Q. When does the show start?

A. The live shows began Nov 1, 2023. We are currently fully booked for VIP launch status, but you can put your name on the waitlist and we'll contact you about future shows.

Q. How do I watch the shows?

A. You can watch the LIVE shows on our Live Outfitters app, available for Android and Apple. Click your device to download now:

Q. How much does it cost?

A. There is currently no charge to be a part of the show when you are approved as a VIP Vendor. We're not trying to sell you anything - just help you sell more of your products! All we ask is 1) one to three products for the giveaway, and 2) a small portion of each sale we make for you. We don't get paid unless you do!

Q. Do I have to sign a contract?

A. No! There are no contracts to sign. Ever. We do ask that you sign a simple agreement, but that's all. And anytime you want us to stop selling your products for you just let us know.

Q. Who is the host of the show?

A. Our main host will be Xan Spencer, who has over 5 years and over $10Million live selling experience in a variety of markets. His business partner, Lee Collins, is an operations and marketing veteran who brings over 2 decades of experience to the team.

Q. How much experience do you have in the outdoors?

A. The best part -- everyone involved in the show are avid outdoor enthusiasts with a deep rooted passion for the outdoors and adventure lifestyle and a lifelong love of nature including hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, bushcraft, overlanding, and more. We use your products and services every single day.

Both lifelong outdoorsmen and adventurists at heart, Xan and his family just returned from a year-long sailing trip on the Atlantic and Lee just wrapped up a 2+ month cross-country, west to east coast overlanding trip in his Jeep Gladiator.

Q. How many people will see my offer on Live Outfitters?

A. Simple answer is we don't know yet. We do know this... With our approved vendors we are already looking at a reach of over 9,000,000 potential customers and counting - all of them with a buying interest in outdoors products like yours.

What this means for you is alongside our marketing budget, your fellow VIP Vendors will be promoting to their email list and on social media. That will be up to 97 vendors encouraging their audiences to watch the show, sharing on social media, and helping promote the launch. 

Now, we have been doing this long enough to not have any delusions or expectations to have this many people seeing the show BUT... worse case, if all we get is .5% of that reach, that's still up to 45,000 live viewers watching the show.

We believe this potential reach far outweighs the risk for you.

Q. Who are some of the other Vendor Partners?

A. Visit our Homepage to see the most current list of brands who have already joined us and provided products for the Huge Giveaway Launch. Right now our schedule is full for VIP Launch Partners, but please get on our waitlist and we will contact you after the launch. 

Q. What does my VIP Status include?

A. Sorry, VIP Vendor opportunities are now closed, but please get on our waitlist and we will contact you after the launch about selling your products on future shows. 
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